Surry Fire Station and EOC 911 Center

Surry County Rescue Squad 911 Center
Surry County Rescue Squad 911 Center

Client: Surry County, surry

Year: 2012 – 2016

Virginia Beach, VA

construction documents for a 8,400 sf, 3 bay station. upon completion of cd phase, client chose an alternate site to expand the building’s function to include a 3,750 sf emergency operations and 911 center. when completed, the 12,150 sf center will house the following spaces:

  • 3 appartus bays/ muster room
  • muster room to accommodate 75 – 100
  • command room to accommodate 4 personel
  • conference room with total communications infrastructure to accommoate up to 8 personel 
  • area leader room to accommodate up to 4 personel
  • large conference room for up to 20 
  • kitchen and dining area
  • support areas: recreation room, fitness, and bunk room for staff of 8
  • storage room for emergency gear
  • training room
  • decontamination area
  • a helicopter landing pad
  • communications dispatch room
  • diesel fueling station

Surry County Rescue Squad 911 Center